Jimmy Hoffa

  • Dunes casino in Las Vegas financed with Teamster pension funds.
  • Disappeared by the Mafia.
  • Buried near section 107 of Giant's Stadium at New Jersey's Meadowlands?
  • Ground up for fish food in Florida?


14 Feb 1913 James Riddle Hoffa born, Brazil IN.
Jun 1955 The Dunes casino opens in Las Vegas.
1957 Assumes leadership of the Brotherhood of Teamsters.
Mar 1957 Hoffa arrested for bribery, trying to influence the McClellan Committee.
19 Jul 1957 Hoffa found not guilty on bribery charges. Among the controversy in the courtroom was testimony by boxer Joe Louis (to influence the mostly-black Washington, DC jury) that Hoffa was an old friend. Louis, however, barely knew Hoffa.
1967 Sentenced to 13 years for jury tampering, fraud. Continued to run the Teamsters from jail.
23 Dec 1971 President Richard M. Nixon pardons Jimmy Hoffa, conditional on him staying out of labor union activities until March 1980. Some have alleged an illegal $300,000 payment made this possible.
30 Jul 1975 Jimmy Hoffa disappears after a 2pm visit to the Machus Red Fox Restaurant to meet Tony Giacalone and Tony Provenzano.
Mar 1978 Salvatore Briguglio, believed to be involved with Hoffa's disappearance under the aegis of Tony Provenzano, shot 12 times and killed, Mulberry Street, New York City.
24 Nov 1978 "Roadblocks began to appear within the Department of Justice regarding the solution to Hoffa's murder." Internal memo of the DoJ, Detroit office.
12 Dec 1988 Tony Provenzano dies in prison of a heart attack.
25 Dec 1992 Film Hoffa starring Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito.
1996 The Machus Red Fox Restaurant closes.
16 Jul 2003 Police dig up a pool in Hampton Township, Michigan after a tip from inmate Richard Powell (in jail for murder of his landlady.) They find nothing, but Powell's tip about another murder, that of Robert A. Woods, did pan out.

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