Vladimir Lenin



22 Apr 1870 Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov born, Simbirsk Russia.
Jan 1886 Father dies of a heart attack.
1887 Expelled from school.
Mar 1887 Brother Alexander arrested, conspiracy to assassinate Czar Alexander III.
20 Mar 1887 Brother Alexander hanged.
1891 Law degree.
1907 Lenin meets Julius Hammer, Armand Hammer's father, at the Seventh Congress of the Second International, Stuttgart Germany.
1917 Exiled.
16 Apr 1917 Returns to Petrograd.
1918 Assassination attempt.
1919 COMINTERN founded.
25 May 1922 Suffers a stroke, resulting in partial paralysis.
21 Jan 1924 Lenin dies, complications from strokes.
26 Jan 1924 Petrograd is renamed Leningrad, in his honor.

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