965 Pope Leo VIII dies of a paralytic stroke during intercourse with a married woman. He had been excommunicated the previous year, after being usurped by John XII.
21 Jan 1924 Vladimir Lenin dies from complications of several strokes.
7 Feb 1979 Nazi death doctor Josef Mengele dies of a stroke while swimming, Bertioga Brazil.
22 Nov 1980 Actress Mae West dies after suffering several strokes, at her Hollywood, CA, home.
24 Nov 1980 Actor George Raft, who had Mafia connections and generally played gangsters, dies of a stroke. He also suffered from leukemia.
22 Apr 1994 Former President Richard M. Nixon dies of complications from a stroke, New York City. Between the stroke and his death he suffered paralysis, inability to speak, and swelling of the brain. Buried at the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda CA.
21 Feb 2005 Televangelist Dr. Gene Scott dies of a stroke in Los Angeles.

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