Muammar Qaddafi

199907.2 In case you want to send him an invitation to your garden party, his official title is "Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Arab Libyan Popular and Socialist Jamahirya". Helps run the country, organizes and harbors terrorists, writes children's books. Has been in power since 1969 through several American bombing campaigns and lots of nasty articles. Fabulous wardrobe.


Sep 1942 Muammar Qaddafi born.
1963 Graduates from the University of Libya.
1965 Graduates from the Royal Libyan Military Academy, Benghazi.
1 Sep 1969 Troops led by Muammar Qaddafi execute Operation Jerusalem, seizing control of Libya in a military coup.
1970 Expels U.S. and British military bases from Libya.
1970 Expels Jews from Libya.
1973 Nationalizes oil companies.
Sep 1978 Billy Carter visits Libya. Why Libya? "The only thing I can say is there is a hell of a lot more Arabians than there is Jews."
2 Dec 1979 U.S. Embassy in Libya attacked and burned by a mob.
Nov 1981 Libya purported to have dispatched assassins targeting Ronald Reagan.
5 Apr 1986 Libyan agents bomb La Belle Disco, West Berlin.
14 Apr 1986 U.S. bombs targets in Tripoli and Benghazi.
21 Dec 1988 Libyan agents place a bomb on Pan Am Flight 103, which detonates over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270.
31 Jan 2001 Libyan agent Abd al-Basit Ali Megrahi found guilty of the Lockerbie bombing by a Scottish court in the Netherlands.

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