Billy Carter

I do not approve of the fact that my brother has gotten involved in a controversial relationship with an extremely unpopular government. He has, still, certain legal and Constitutional rights. If he is found to have violated the law, my belief is -- and my hope is -- that he will be treated properly, in accordance with the law: punished if he's guilty, exonerated if he's innocent. But I have seen these things sweep across this nation every now and then, with highly-publicized allegations that prove not to be true, and you and others have participated in the raising of these questions.
-- President Jimmy Carter, August 4, 1980


1 Oct 1924 Older brother and future President Jimmy Carter born, Plains GA.
29 Mar 1937 William Alton (Billy) Carter born, Plains GA.
1953 Father, Earl Carter dies of cancer.
1976 "My mother went into the Peace Corps when she was sixty-eight. My one sister is a motorcycle freak, my other sister is a Holy Roller evangelist and my brother is running for president. I'm the only sane one in the family."
6 Dec 1976 Loses the mayoral election in Plains, Georgia.
1977 Debut of Billy Beer. Eventually scoundrels try to convince people that Billy Beer is worth hundreds of dollars per sixpack. In actuality, a can (empty or full) is only worth about twenty five cents.
14 Nov 1977 Billy Carter on the cover of Newsweek holding a can of Billy Beer.
Feb 1978 Billy Carter arrives in Utica, New York to inspect one of the Billy Beer breweries. Asked what he thinks of the town, Billy replies: "I ain't seen anything but snow so far."
Sep 1978 Visits Libya. Why Libya? "The only thing I can say is there is a hell of a lot more Arabians than there is Jews."
14 Jul 1980 Finally registers as a foreign agent of the Libyan government after receiving a $220,000 loan from Libya.
22 Jul 1980 Congress announces intention to hold Billygate hearings. White House admits asking Billy Carter to use influence with Libya to help Americans held hostage in Iran.
26 Jul 1980 Americans for Democratic Action call for the resignation of Attorney General Ben Civiletti for his alleged role in Billygate.
28 Jul 1980 Sen. Dennis DeConcini says fugitive financier Robert Vesco claims responsibility for Billy Carter-Libyan connection, which was an effort to embarrass Carter administration.
30 Jul 1980 Justice Dept. says Billy Carter lied about his first payment from Libya; documents reveal Billy received access to State Dept. cables from his brother, the president. White House confirms president discussed cables with brother. Libya reportedly sought aid from Billy Carter in acquiring C-130 transport planes embargoed by President Carter.
31 Jul 1980 Billy Carter denies he saw classified State Dept. cables or that he lied to Justice Dept. about payment from Libya.
4 Aug 1980 President Carter holds a press conference on "Billygate." That same day, Senate hearings begin on Billy Carter's representation of the Libyan government.
2 Oct 1980 Senate subcommittee issues report on its hearings into Billy Carter's Libyan connection.
30 Oct 1980 White House Press Secretary Jody Powell accuses Republican senators of leaking Justice Dept. report criticizing President Carter for his role in Billy Carter/Libya affair.
25 Sep 1988 Billy Carter dies of pancreatic cancer, Plains GA. His mother and both sisters, Glora (the motorcycle freak) and Jean (the Holy Roller evangelist), also died of pancreatic cancer (his mother also had bone and breast cancer). There has been some speculation in scientific circles that a possible link between all the Carters' cancer exists in the use of agricultural insecticide on their farm. (Jimmy Carter is unstoppable.)

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