Jimmy Carter


1 Oct 1924 Jimmy Carter born, Plains, GA.
6 Jan 1969 Jimmy Carter sees an Unidentified Flying Object in Leary, GA. Also witnessing the craft are his fellow Lions Club members. But the strangest part about this is, it was Carter and not Governor Jerry Brown.
Nov 1970 Elected Governor of Georgia.
Nov 1974 Loses re-election as Governor of Georgia.
2 Nov 1976 Jimmy Carter elected 39th U.S. President.
1976 In an interview with Norman Mailer, Jimmy Carter declares: "I don't care if people say fuck."
1979 Jimmy Carter's fishing boat is attacked by a swimming rabbit, which the President manages to fend off with an oar.
20 Jul 1979 Jimmy Carter signs Executive Order 12148, creating the Federal Emergency Management Administration, or FEMA.
9 Oct 1980 John Hinckley arrested in Nashville TN for attempting to bring three handguns onto an airliner. Fined $62.50 plus confiscation of the handguns. President Jimmy Carter was in Nashville at this moment.
27 Apr 1998 Submarine U.S.S. Jimmy Carter christened.
12 May 2002 Visits Fidel Castro in Cuba.

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