Priscilla Presley

"I trust her instinctively. I have never ever seen her betray anyone. She is very loyal. But if you betray her, then watch out!" Lisa Marie Presley


24 May 1945 Priscilla Presley born, Brooklyn.
1963 Graduates high school. Elvis presents her a red Chevrolet Corvair.
1 May 1967 Marries Elvis, Las Vegas NV.
1 Feb 1968 First child, Lisa Marie Presley, born, 6 pounds, 15 ounces.
9 Oct 1973 Elvis and Priscilla granted divorce.
16 Aug 1977 Elvis dies on the crapper.
1979 Joins Church of Scientology.
1986 Daughter Lisa Marie, undergoes Scientology "purification program", and claims not to have used drugs since.
1 Mar 1987 Second child, Navarone Garibaldi born.
7 Feb 1988 Autobiographical movie, Elvis and Me, first airs.
26 May 1994 Michael Jackson marries daughter Lisa Marie Presley.
Nov 2000 Becomes a director of MGM, Inc.

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