Danny Bonaduce

Wife Gretchen is a big fan of botox.

We can't seem to discover Gretchen's maiden name or their exact marriage date.

"Mancow was sued a few years ago by the wife of another DJ, Danny Bonaduce, on the similar charges, that he referred to Gretchen Bonaduce as a drug addict involved in sexual promiscuity. Bonaduce's wife settled for a meager $20,000, but the case never came to light because the judge placed a gag order on the suit."


13 Aug 1959 Danny Bonaduce born.
25 Sep 1970 The Partridge Family runs 1970 to 1974.
1988 Divorces Setsuko Hattori.
1990 Meets Gretchen on a blind date and marries her the same day.
1991 Punches a transvestite hooker. Pays $3k for its surgery.
1995 Divine Brown appears on Danny Bonaduce's short-lived talk show, Danny!
2001 Autobiography Random Acts of Badness.
13 Mar 2002 Celebrity Boxing: Fought Barry Williams (Brady Bunch.) Bonaduce triumphs.

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