Divine Brown

aka Stella Marie Thompson

divine_brown_mugshot West Hollywood hooker who gave Hugh Grant a blowjob in a rented BMW, whereupon they were both arrested by the LAPD.

Ron Jeremy directed and appeared in the 1996 adult video/docudrama Sunset & Divine (aka Taken for Granted). In the role of a lifetime, Divine plays herself. The Hedgehog plays her lawyer.


27 Jun 1995 The LAPD arrests streetwalker Divine Brown for prostitution after she is discovered giving British film star Hugh Grant a blowjob in a white BMW parked on Hawthorn Ave. To be fair, they also arrest Grant for receiving said blowjob.
1995 Divine Brown appears on Danny Bonaduce's short-lived talk show, Danny!
25 Apr 1996 Divine Brown appears on Howard Stern.
Sep 1996 Divine Brown arrested in Las Vegas for prostitution and loitering.
13 Jun 1997 Las Vegas judge refuses to toss 1996 loitering conviction.
16 Apr 1998 Divine Brown appears on the premiere episode of Joey Buttafuoco's late-night cable access show in Los Angeles.
1999 Divine Brown appears on Judge Judy.

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