16 Aug 1958 Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone born, Bay City, Michigan.
1985 Like A Virgin goes to #1.
1985 Desperately Seeking Susan.
16 Aug 1985 Sean Penn and Madonna marry, Malibu HI.
1987 Affair with John F. Kennedy Jr., according to biographer Andrew Morton.
1988 Sleeps with Sandra Bernhard. Andrew Morton.
10 Jan 1989 Madonna files for divorce from Sean Penn, citing irreconcilable differences.
1991 Truth or Dare.
1991 Attempted to seduce Michael Jackson; "nothing happened because he was giggling so much." Andrew Morton.
1991 Has sexual intercourse with Vanilla Ice. Ice says to Launch magazine, about rumors of a Ice/Madonna sex tape: "Her and I in a sex act? It could, could possibly, absolutely, it could possibly exist." About their falling out: "Everything was cool, man, until she did the Sex book. And basically I didn't want to be part of that slutty package, and they took all of those pictures and stuff and I found myself in the Sex book, you know?"
1992 Publishes her aluminum-jacketed book, Sex.
1994 Dates Dennis Rodman.
14 Oct 1996 Daughter born to Madonna and boyfriend Carlos Leon, Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon, Los Angeles CA.
1996 Evita, a big budget film about Evita Peron.
17 May 2000 Boyfriend, Guy Ritchie, arrested for assault against a fan outside Madonna's London residence.
11 Aug 2000 Son, Rocco John Ritchie born, Los Angeles CA.
22 Dec 2000 Marries English director (and boyfriend) Guy Ritchie, Skibo Castle, Scotland.
29 Aug 2003 While performing "Like a Virgin" on the MTV Music Video Awards, shares a flappy open-mouthed kiss with Britney Spears.

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