Vanilla Ice

aka Robert Van Winkle


Owns a pet lynx named Jinx and a pet kangaroo named Bucky. Coined the phrase "word to your mother", bastardization of "word to The Mother," referring to his traditional African Motherland. Vanilla is a rapper, after all.


31 Oct 1968 Robert Van Winkle born to Beth Mino, Miami Lakes FL.
1986 Drops out of high school.
1988 Changes "rap name" from MC Vanilla to Vanilla Ice.
1990 Hit Ice Ice Baby, in which he blatantly rips off a 1982 Queen riff from Under Pressure. Inexplicably sells 15 million copies. Settles out of court with Queen/Bowie. Ice claims Suge Knight forced the issue at gunpoint: "He took me over to the balcony, and he had me look over. He says to me, 'You're gonna sign these papers'... I signed it. I gave millions away."
28 Jul 1990 In Dallas TX, Signs a record deal with SBK label, $1M. Spurns Def Jam's offer of $30K.
Jan 1991 "To the people that try to hold me down, kiss my white butt." Spoken at the American Music Awards.
22 Mar 1991 In the highlight of Ice's film career, appears as himself in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze.
1991 Selected as one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People."
1991 Has sexual intercourse with Madonna. Spoken to Launch magazine, about rumors of a Ice/Madonna sex tape: "Her and I in a sex act? It could, could possibly, absolutely, it could possibly exist." About their falling out: "Everything was cool, man, until she did the Sex book. And basically I didn't want to be part of that slutty package, and they took all of those pictures and stuff and I found myself in the Sex book, you know?"
4 Jul 1994 Passes out from an overdose, and is hospitalized.
1994 Attempts a stoner-dreadlock festooned comeback.
1994 Attempts suicide.
1998 Marries Laura.
1998 Daughter, Dusti Rain born.
8 May 1999 Video for Ice Ice Baby voted on MTV the #9 lamest video of all time. At the ceremony, instead of destroying the video as the network had intended, Ice trashed the set itself. So very stupid.
Mar 1999 Daughter, Keelee Breeze, born.
1999 VH1 does a Behind the Music. A dilemma for VHI in that Ice has so many "rock bottoms" to choose from.
3 Jan 2001 Arrested in Broward County over a domestic dispute with his wife. He tore out some of her hair. $3500 bail.
Apr 2001 Pleads guilty to disorderly conduct, over the wifely hair-pulling incident.
13 Mar 2002 On the Fox television special Celebrity Boxing, Todd "Mac Dog" Bridges defeats Rob "Bi-Polar" Van Winkle (caucasian rapper Vanilla Ice) in a unanimous decision.

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