Todd Bridges

todd_bridges_cheerleaders Starred in the NBC television sitcom Diff'rent Strokes, along with fellow child actors Gary Coleman and Dana Plato.

Melissa Gilbert: "I remember on the set of Little House they used to tell us over and over again, 'Don't play with the children from Diff'rent Strokes.'"


27 May 1965 Todd Bridges born, San Francisco, CA.
1977 Todd Bridges is sexually molested by a family friend.
3 Nov 1978 Diff'rent Strokes premieres on NBC television with the pilot episode, entitled "Movin' In."
1980 Todd Bridges, 15, smokes pot for the first time.
19 Mar 1983 On an episode of Diff'rent Strokes entitled "The Reporter," First Lady Nancy Reagan advises the Drummond children to "Just Say No" to drugs.
1984 Todd Bridges declares that the LAPD is harassing him.
1986 Diff'rent Strokes ends.
1986 Todd Bridges pleads no contest to threatening to blow up an auto detailer.
1988 Todd Bridges is arrested on suspicion of reckless driving.
1989 Todd Bridges is arrested for not paying a $500 car repair bill.
1989 Todd Bridges is arrested on suspicion of shooting and stabbing alleged drug dealer Kenneth Clay in a Los Angeles crack house.
1990 Thanks to defense attorney Johnnie Cochran, Todd Bridges is acquitted of assault with a deadly weapon.
1990 Todd Bridges is arrested for allegedly stabbing a roommate.
Dec 1992 Todd Bridges is arrested in Burbank, California after police find methamphetamines and a gun in his car.
24 Feb 1993 Todd Bridges quits his 14-gram-per-day cocaine habit.
1993 Guilty, drug possession, carrying a loaded weapon.
19 Jan 1997 Todd Bridges is arrested in Los Angeles for repeatedly ramming his friend's car after an altercation at a video arcade.
18 Jul 1997 Todd Bridges testifies in court during the libel trial for All in the Family star Carroll O'Connor.
25 May 1998 Marries Dori Smith.
15 Jul 1998 Son, Spencer Todd Bridges, born.
13 Apr 2001 Rescues paraplegic Stella Kline whose wheelchair rolled into Lake Balboa.
13 Mar 2002 On the Fox television special Celebrity Boxing, Todd "Mac Dog" Bridges defeats Rob "Bi-Polar" Van Winkle (caucasian rapper Vanilla Ice) in a unanimous decision.
12 Jul 2002 Todd Bridges lands a gig on Young and the Restless.

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