Notorious B I G

aka Biggie Smalls



21 May 1973 Christopher G. Wallace born, Brooklyn NY.
1994 Debut album, Ready to Die.
1995 Arrested in Manhattan after attacking fans with a baseball bat.
1995 Single Who Shot Ya, apparently directed at Tupac Shakur.
1995 Marries singer Faith Evans, nine days after their meeting for the first time.
8 Sep 1996 Tupac Shakur shot in a drive-by shooting, Las Vegas NV. He dies five days later.
9 Mar 1997 After attending a Soul Train party, Biggie Smalls killed in a drive-by shooting, Los Angeles CA.
18 Mar 1997 Body flown to La Guardia Airport, where it travels by limousine motorcade to lie in state (open casket) at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Home. And then off to eventual cremation in New Jersey.
1997 Second album, Life After Death.

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