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One-time dancer for Digital Underground turned fake gangster rapper, Tupac Shakur sold shitloads of albums for Death Row Records. He was planning on moving to a different record label, so Death Row CEO and active Bloods gang member Suge Knight probably had him killed so that he could keep the rights to Tupac's unreleased material. The press blamed the murder on the fake intercoastal rivalry between Bad Boy Records and Death Row which resulted in two extremely rich men -- Knight and Puff Daddy -- who further capitalized off of speculation regarding the "retaliatory" murder of obese rapper and drug dealer Notorious B.I.G. America sure loves its dead, rich black men: after death, Tupac released many times more music than while he was alive and has found time in his busy schedule to appear in three movies.


16 Jun 1971 Lesane Parish Crooks born, Brooklyn NY.
1972 Name changed to Tupac Shakur.
1990 Joins Digital Underground as a dancer and rapper.
Nov 1991 Releases his first solo album, 2pacalypse Now.
Dec 1991 Files a $10 million lawsuit against the Oakland Police Department for alleged brutality.
1992 Appears in the movie Juice.
1992 Forms Thug Life.
1993 Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z.
1993 Appears in the movie Poetic Justice, opposite Janet Jackson.
1993 Arrested a number of times, variously for using drugs in his limo, threatening another rapper with a baseball bat at a concert, and allegedly shooting at two off-duty policemen in Atlanta.
18 Nov 1993 A 19-year-old Brooklyn woman accuses Tupac and three pals of sodomy and sexual assault.
1994 Appears in Above the Rim.
10 Nov 1994 Dropped from the movie Menace II Society after punching director Allen Hughes. Incarcerated for 15 days.
29 Nov 1994 Acquitted of sodomy and weapons charges, convicted of sexual assault.
30 Nov 1994 Shot four times during a robbery in New York City: he loses $40K of jewelry.
7 Feb 1995 Sentenced to four-and-a-half years in prison, which he begins serving at Riker's State Penitentiary.
Apr 1995 Me Against the World debuts at #1.
May 1995 Marries girlfriend Keisha Morris from prison.
Oct 1995 Suge Knight posts Tupac's $1.4 million bail; Shakur promptly signs a record contract with Knight's label, Death Row Records.
1995 Assumes Makaveli as an alias, after Machiavelli.
1996 Appears in Bullet, with Mickey Rourke.
1996 Marriage to Keisha Morris annulled.
1996 All Eyez on Me.
7 Sep 1996 Standing up through the open sunroof of a BMW 750 sedan, rap artist Tupac Shakur is talking to some women at a Las Vegas street intersection when a white Cadillac pulls alongside. Gunfire erupts, and Shakur is shot four times.
13 Sep 1996 Dies in hospital.
Nov 1996 Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, released under his Makaveli alias.
1997 Stars in Gridlock'd with Tim Roth.
1997 Stars in Gang Related with Jim Belushi.
Nov 1997 R U Still Down (Remember Me).
1999 Still I Rise.
2000 The Lost Tapes.
2000 The Rose That Grew from Concrete.
2001 Until the End of Time.
2002 Better Dayz.
2003 Appears in Tupac: Resurrection.

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