Tiny Tim

  • Talked to the Virgin Mary.
  • Enjoyed covering naked girls with peanut butter, but would not have sex with them. That would be a sin.
  • Refused to use hotel towels, using paper towels instead.
  • After diagnosis of heart congestion, refused to do very much to alleviate the situation, accelerating his early death.


12 Apr 1933 Herbert Butros Khaury born, New York City.
1964 Adopts the name Tiny Tim. A revelation from God causes Tim to change to falsetto.
8 May 1966 Kisses a girl for the first time.
1968 Debut album, God Bless Tiny Tim. Single, Tip Toe Through the Tulips is a hit; record sells 200,000 copies.
17 Dec 1969 Marries Miss Vicki (Victoria Budinger, age 17) on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. Ratings are phenomenal: 45 millions viewers tune in.
c. 1971 Divorces Miss Vicki. For a clue as to why, consider Tim's words: "Naturally I ordered her to give up her career. I believe a woman is just there to please the man and to have blessed events. A woman should say 'Yes, Dear' anytime the man calls." He has something in common with Jerry Lewis.
1979 Tip Toe To The Gas Pumps album.
1984 Marries Miss Jan. Lasts about a month, though they are legally married a decade. Never live together.
1985 Joins the circus, stays 36 weeks.
1995 Tiny Tim and Miss Jan divorce.
18 Aug 1995 Marries Miss Sue (Sue Gardner), Immaculate Heart of Mary Church, Minnetonka MN.
1995 Involved in a bizarre accident inside Philadelphia airport, in which he inadvertently piloted a runaway luggage cart, breaking some woman's hip.
1995 Develops congestive heart failure. Tim is informed he has 3-5 years to live.
Sep 1996 Heart attack, at the Ukelele Hall of Fame Festival, Massachusetts.
30 Nov 1996 Tiny Tim dies from a heart attack while playing Tiptoe, Minneapolis MN. Lay in state at St. Mary's Basilica, Minneapolis MN.

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