Larry King


Couldn't bang Marilyn Chambers at a Miami radio station when the opportunity arose (er, presented itself).


19 Nov 1933 Lawrence Harvey Zieger born, Brooklyn NY.
Jun 1944 Father, Eddie King, dies from a heart attack.
1953 Marries 1st wife, Frada Miller. Marriage annulled.
1957 Moves to Miami and changes name to Larry King, because WAHR manager thought name was "too German, too Jewish."
1961 Marries 2nd wife, Alene Atkins. Lasts until 1963.
1962 Bastard son, Larry King Jr. born.
1963 Marries 3nd wife, Mickey Sutphin, lasts 3 months.
1967 Marries 4rd wife, Alene Atkins (again.) Lasts until 1971 or 1972.
20 Dec 1971 Arrested in Miami, in regards to a loan to a close associate of Jim Garrison, who investigated the John F. Kennedy assassination.
10 Mar 1972 Charges formally dropped.
1976 Marries 5th wife, Sharon Lepore, a former Playboy bunny. Lasts until 1982 or 1984.
30 Jan 1978 Nationwide radio show Larry King Show debuts in 28 cities, on the Mutual network.
1982 Column in USA Today until 2001.
1983 Dates actress Angie Dickinson until 1988.
1985 Larry King Live debuts on CNN.
24 Feb 1987 Larry King suffers a heart attack.
24 Feb 1987 Larry King quits smoking.
7 Oct 1989 Marries 6th wife, Julia Alexander. Lasts until 1992.
1989 Book, Mr. King, You're Having a Heart Attack.
1992 Announces engagement with minister Rama Fox; they split in 1995. He sues her for slander.
Apr 1995 Announces engagement with Deanna Lund. Marriage never happens.
5 Sep 1997 Marries 7th wife Shawn Southwick, a model, in a Los Angeles hospital room. They got married ahead of schedule because of King is due in for angioplasty.
9 Mar 1999 Son, Chance Armstrong King born.

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