William Walker

william-walker American filibuster who repeatedly interfered in Central American affairs, until finally the Hondurans put him in front of a firing squad. Citizens of these countries today are far more aware of Walker than Americans are, his escapades in the realm of Manifest Destiny leaving a bad taste in the mouth that continues to this day.

Walker was a Freemason.


8 May 1824 William Walker born, Tennessee.
1838 Graduates, University of Nashville.
1850 Moves to San Francisco, CA.
16 Oct 1853 Leaves for Guaymas, Mexico.
Nov 1853 Proclaims a Republic of Lower California, in La Paz on the Gulf of California. Institutes Louisiana laws over the new "country."
1853 Abolishes Republic of Lower California, in favor of Republic of Sonora, with capital Ensenada.
8 May 1854 Surrenders to U.S. Authorities, primarily because of desertions.
1854 Charged with violation of neutrality laws. Acquitted.
3 May 1855 Sails for Nicaragua. Appoints himself President of Nicaragua. Revokes the license of Accessory Transit Co. (owned by Cornelius Vanderbilt) to ferry passengers overland between the two oceans, in favor of a new company owned by two of Vanderbilt's former employees. In response, Vanderbilt sends forces to Central America to overthrow Walker.
1 Mar 1856 Costa Rica declares war on Walker's forces.
May 1857 Surrenders. Leaves Nicaragua.
Nov 1857 Arrives in Punta Arenas, Nicaragua. Commodore Pauling leads a U.S. anti-filibustering expedition to retrieve him, and brings Walker back to the United States.
12 Sep 1860 Handed over by British authorities to the Hondurans. Tried by Honduran court martial, and executed by firing squad.

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