David Ferrie

Person of interest in the John F. Kennedy assassination. New Orleans homosexual, a freaky man with no real eyebrows. Joined a bizzare "Catholic" sect based in Canada, becoming an ordained "minister" before being defrocked. Depicted in film JFK, perhaps more than he deserved. Died several days after Garrison opened investigation.


18 Mar 1918 David Ferrie born, Cleveland OH.
22 Nov 1963 Drives all night to Houston, for "goose hunting."
22 Nov 1963 David Ferrie's library card found in Lee Harvey Oswald's wallet.
23 Nov 1963 Ferrie returns to Galveston, TX.
6 Dec 1963 J. Edgar Hoover closes investigation of Ferrie.
Feb 1967 New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison launches investigation.
21 Feb 1967 David Ferrie dies under mysterious circumstances, probably suicide.

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