Albert Speer



19 Mar 1905 Albert Speer born, Mannheim Germany.
1925 Moves to Berlin to complete studies.
Feb 1928 Graduates.
1 Mar 1931 Becomes a member of the Nazi party.
1 May 1933 May Day rally, which he designs.
1933 Becomes a close personal friend of Adolf Hitler.
1934 Designs stadium at Nuremberg.
Feb 1942 Armaments chief Fritz Todt killed in plane crash.
7 Feb 1942 Albert Speer assumes Todt's position.
Sep 1943 Appointed Reich Minister of Armaments and War Production.
Nov 1944 Informs Joseph Goebbels the war is doomed.
Apr 1945 Adolf Hitler expresses the opinion that among his cabinet, Speer is the "best of them all."
24 Apr 1945 Speer confesses to Adolf Hitler that he has been countermanding his orders for scorched earth.
1946 Sentenced to 20 years imprisonment.
1 Oct 1966 Released, along with Hitler Youth leader Baldur von Schirach, from Spandau prison in Berlin after their twenty year sentence. This leaves one solitary prisoner maintained at the facility, Rudolf Hess.
1969 Inside the Third Reich (or Erinnerungen, Recollections in German), 1200 pages secretly written while in Spandau.
1 Sep 1981 Albert Speer dies in a London hospital of a cerebral hemorrhage.

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