Joseph Goebbels

aka Paul Joseph Göbbels

goebbels_handsome The Nazi Minister of Propaganda, and the man who defined this job for all generations to come. It is largely through his work that Germans, even in the face of defeat, maintained their blind obedience to Fuhrer.

Which is fairly strange when you consider that the man was only 5'4", a slightly emaciated 100 pounds, possessed a club foot, and was a virgin until age 33. Yes, the eloquent Minister of Propaganda couldn't talk his way into the bed of a lady until he was in his fourth decade of life.

After Hitler's suicide, Goebbels succeeded the office as Fuhrer, but kept the post only hours. He and his wife Magda promptly murdered their six children, and joined Hitler and Eva in suicide.

After death, Goebbels had a cameo in the Rolling Stones hit, Sympathy for the Devil.


29 Oct 1897 Paul Joseph Göbbels is born in Rheydt, Germany.
Mar 1935 According to Joseph Goebbels, the Soviet Union's recent inclusion in the League of Nations was engineered by 300 "members of the Jewish race and conspirators of Freemasonry."
1939 The Jewish stepfather of wife Magda, Richard Friedländer, dies at Buchenwald concentration camp.
1 May 1945 Suicide.

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