Heinrich Himmler

SS leader Heinrich Himmler believed that children conceived in Nordic cemeteries would be imbued with the souls of heroes buried there, and published a list of "suitable" cemeteries to conceive children in.


7 Oct 1900 Heinrich Himmler born.
1922 Agriculture diploma, Munich Technical High School.
1925 Joins the Nazi Party.
1927 Employed as a poultry farmer.
Jan 1929 Appointed leader of the SS.
12 Nov 1938 Hermann Goering announces that Madagascar will be the Jewish homeland, with support from Himmler and others. The original idea actually belongs to a jew of the 19th century, Theodore Herzl. Negotiations were conducted with the French government regarding this so called "Madagascar Plan" (France owned the island at that time), but were broken off in 1942 -- probably because Britain controlled the seas.
27 Apr 1940 Heinrich Himmler gives orders to construct a concentration camp in Oswiecim, Poland. Only 14 months later, Auschwitz is open for business.
15 Nov 1941 SS chief Himmler orders the arrest and concentration of all homosexuals in Germany. Excluded were certain top Nazi officials who happened to be fags, including Himmler.
7 Jul 1942 Himmler give the go-ahead for sterilization experiments at Auschwitz.
1943 Appointed interior minister.
23 May 1945 Himmler suicides while in American custody, using a cyanide capsule.

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