Hermann Goering

199922.1 Gave a spiffy medal to Charles Lindbergh.

Committed suicide before the hangman could do his work.


12 Jan 1893 Hermann Goering born, Rosenheim, Bavaria.
1904 Sent to boarding school, Ansbach, Franconia.
1914 Enters the Wehrmacht.
1918 Becomes commander of the Red Baron's former squadron.
3 Feb 1922 Hermann Goering and Baroness Karin von Fock-Kantzow marry, Munich.
Dec 1922 Hermann Goering appointed to lead the S.A. (Brownshirts.)
Aug 1923 Mother dies.
1925 Becomes a morphine addict.
Sep 1925 Enters LĂ„ngbro mental hospital, Sweden.
Sep 1925 Becomes a morphine addict.
1927 Returns to Germany.
1928 Wins a seat in the Reichstag.
17 Oct 1931 Wife Carin dies of tuberculosis.
26 Oct 1933 Elected President of Reichstag.
26 Apr 1933 Hermann Goering founds the Gestapo.
30 Jun 1934 Hermann Goering assists in the Night of the Long Knives.
19 Apr 1935 Harmann Goering and actress Emmy Sonnemann marry.
2 Jun 1938 Daughter Edda born, only child.
19 Jun 1940 Becomes Reichsmarschall.
31 Jul 1941 Orders Heinrich Himmler and Reinhard Heydrich to bring "about a complete solution of the Jewish question in the German sphere of influence in Europe."
9 May 1945 Captured by the American Seventh Army.
Mar 1946 Wife Emmy Sonnemann released from prison, Straubing.
15 Oct 1946 Commits suicide with a poison capsule, on the day he is to be hanged.
1967 Contents of a note released, explaining that the poison capsule was hidden in a pomade container.
8 Jun 1973 Wife Emmy Sonnemann dies, Munich. Attorney Melvin Belli handles the estate.

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