Melvin Belli

The King of Torts

Social security # 550-22-3492.
Address: 722 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA.
"There may be better lawyers than I, but so far I haven't come across any of them in court."
"I'm not an ambulance chaser. I'm usually there before the ambulance."

Attorney for:


29 Jul 1907 Melvin Belli born.
1964 Texas State Bar files suit against Belli, to disbar him over conduct during the Jack Ruby case.
1968 Star Trek episode And the Children Shall Lead, plays a corruptor of youth. "The worst Star Trek episode of the entire series."
1969 Decides that Altamont would be a good venue for the big Rolling Stones concert.
20 Dec 1969 The Zodiac Killer sends Mel Belli a letter wishing the attorney a Merry Christmas, and also hoping to retain enough self-control to not claim a "9th and possibly a 10th" victim.
1970 Appears in Rolling Stones movie, Gimme Shelter.
Oct 1976 Book, My Life on Trial: An Autobiography.
Jan 1983 Book, The Belli Files.
7 Dec 1989 Melvin Belli files a $15 billion class-action lawsuit against Union Carbide for the Bhopal incident.
1991 Melvin Belli divorces Lia Triff Belli, to whom he now refers to as La Trampa. The Examiner calls it "one of the most scandalous, squalid and lurid" divorces in San Francisco history.
9 Jul 1996 Melvin Belli dies, cardiovascular disease and pancreatic cancer, at his home in San Francisco CA.
Jul 1996 "I've got a guy here claiming he was struck and injured by one of the Pearly Gates." Political cartoon run immediately after Belli's death, San Diego Union Tribune.

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