Union Carbide


1 Nov 1917 Union Carbide & Carbon Corp. formed from a merger of four companies.
1939 Absorbs Bakelite Corporation.
1957 Name changed to Union Carbide.
3 Dec 1984 Methyl isocyanate leaks from a Union Carbide pesticide plant located at a slum in Bhopal, India. The gas kills 4,000 people and injures 200,000 others, many of whom were permanently blinded or disabled. The event set a standard for industrial accidents that has yet to be equalled.
7 Dec 1989 Melvin Belli files a $15 billion class-action lawsuit against Union Carbide for the Bhopal incident.
6 Feb 2001 Union Carbide totally absorbed into Dow Chemical Company.
3 Dec 2004 On the 20th anniversary of the Bhopal incident, a spokesman from Dow Chemical, calling himself Jude Finisterra, appears on BBC National TV, stating that the chemical giant accepts full responsibility for the disaster, and would begin plans for a $12 billion remuneration to the people killed or injured. A couple hours later, spokesmen from Dow repudiated this interview, saying that the man interviewed on the BBC was not a spokesman for the company, and that the company still denied responsibility for the atrocity, and that all promises of remuneration were false.

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