Otto Skorzeny

skorzeny SS-Sturmbannf├╝hrer Otto Skorzeny

Supposedly got his scars duelling, while at school in Austria.

Rescued Mussolini. Attempted to assassinate Eisenhower. Founded ODESSA.

In Skorzeny's autobiography, he says that Adolf Hitler privately discussed the possibilities of an atomic bomb with him.

Close friend of Evita Peron. In 1952, she turned over the assets of the Evita Peron Foundation ($100 million) to Skorzeny.

Lived in Spain after the war, under the protection of Francisco Franco. Died in Madrid July 5, 1975.


29 Jul 1943 Otto Skorzeny is instructed by Adolf Hitler to rescue Mussolini.
13 Sep 1943 Otto Skorzeny rescues Mussolini.
Oct 1944 Otto Skorzeny is instructed by Adolf Hitler to create a clandestine group to impersonate American soldiers and operate inside Allied territory.
15 May 1945 Otto Skorzeny captured by American troops.
5 Jul 1975 Otto Skorzeny dies in Madrid.

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