Joseph McCarthy

United States Senator, alcoholic, chummy with J. Edgar Hoover and Richard M. Nixon

Both McCarthy and his right hand man, Roy Cohn, were closeted homosexuals. It is very strange that these two men in glass houses would choose to throw stones.


14 Nov 1908 Joseph McCarthy born at Grand Chute, WI.
14 Jan 1952 In his private diary, Washington Post columnist Drew Pearson records the Washington rumor that Senator Joseph McCarthy is gay.
25 Oct 1952 "Joe McCarthy is a bachelor of 43 years. [...] He seldom dates girls and if he does he laughingly describes it as window dressing. It is common talk among homosexuals in Milwaukee who rendezvous in the White Horse Inn that Senator Joe McCarthy has often engaged in homosexual activities." Hank Greenspun, Las Vegas Sun. McCarthy briefly considered a suit but took no action, because it would have meant testifying.
29 Sep 1953 Joseph McCarthy marries Jeannie Kerr, his secretary, perhaps in order to quell rumors of his homosexuality.
2 Dec 1954 Joseph McCarthy censured by U.S. Senate, voting 67 to 22.
13 Jan 1957 McCarthy and wife adopt a five week old baby girl, Tierney Elizabeth, from the New York Foundling Home.
2 May 1957 Joseph McCarthy dies from cirrhosis, Bethesda Naval Hospital.
2 Aug 1986 Close assistant (and closeted homosexual) Roy Cohn dies from AIDS.

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