Sesame Street

bert Sesame Street is the product of the Children's Television Workshop. It features Jim Henson's muppets and teaches children skills such as counting, learning the alphabet, where things come from and so forth. Since many parents regard Sesame Street as a babysitter, millions of children have grown up with Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Oscar the Grouch and the (obviously gay) Ernie and Bert.

In 2002 Kami, the first HIV-positive Muppet, was introduced to promote education about HIV/AIDS in Africa and elsewhere. Members of the U.S. Congress took time out from their busy schedules to draft a letter of concern about the show.


10 Nov 1969 First airing of Sesame Street appears on PBS.
7 Dec 1982 Will Lee who played Mr. Hooper dies of cancer/heart attack.
Nov 1983 No more birdseed milkshakes for Big Bird: Mr Hooper dies on the show. To the credit of the writers and producers, the effects of his death are discussed.
2002 Kami, the first HIV-positive Muppet, appears on Sesame Street in South Africa. The aidsy muppet is designed to promote education about HIV/AIDS.


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