The Who

  • Keith Moon, died of a drug overdose.
  • John Entwhistle, died of a drug overdose.
  • Pete Townshend, alleged Bisexuality. We only list this because it gives Rough Boys new meaning.
    "It was that song, which is ironic because the song is actually taunting both the homosexuals in America--who were, at the time, dressing themselves up as Nazi generals--and the punks in Britain dressing the same way. I thought it was great that these tough punks were dressing as homosexuals without realizing it. I did an interview about it, saying that Rough Boys was about being gay, and in the interview I also talked about my "gay life," which--I meant--was actually about the friends I've had who are gay. So the interviewer kind of dotted the t's and crossed the i's and assumed that this was a coming out, which it wasn't at all. But I became an object of ridicule when it was picked up in England. It was a big scandal, which is silly. If I were bisexual, it would be no big deal in the music industry. If I ran down a list of the men who have tried to get me into bed, I could bring down quite a few big names in the music business. And no, I won't do it." -- Playboy interview
  • Pete Townshend, arrested on child pornography charges.


Feb 1964 The Detours changes its name to The Who.
Apr 1964 Keith Moon replaces drummer Doug Sandom.
Dec 1965 Album, My Generation.
1967 Pete Townshend becomes an admirer of Sufi mystic Meher Baba.
Fall 1973 Double album, Quadrophenia.
1975 Tommy.
20 Nov 1975 John Entwhistle arrested for disorderly conduct, Houston TX.
12 Nov 1976 Keith Moon arrives dressed as Field Marshall Erwin Rommel, at a Los Angeles film premiere.
8 Sep 1978 Keith Moon dies of an drug overdose -- of Heminevrin, an anti-alcoholism/sleeping pill.
3 Dec 1979 At Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, eleven concertgoers variously aged 15 to 27 years are trampled and suffocated trying to get in to see The Who. Insufficient exits were available, and a request by police to open more was ignored.
27 Jun 2002 John Entwhistle dies of a drug overdose in Las Vegas NV.
13 Jan 2003 Pete Townshend arrested on suspicion of possession of child pornography. Townshend claims he was visiting such websites for "research purposes."

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