Cincinnati, OH

The most Puritan city in America, not nearly as fun as WKRP depicted it.


1788 Cincinnati founded, named after the Society of Cincinnatus (and indirectly, after Lucius Quintus Cincinnatus, 5th c. BC Roman farmer and general, who, after being called to war and serving valiantly, returned to his farm.)
1829 Race riot in Cincinnati, Ohio.
1861 The Peepshow patented by Samuel Goodale of Cincinnati.
3 Dec 1890 Isaac Jordan, the U.S. Congressional Representative from the great state of Ohio, dies after an interesting elevator accident in Cincinnati.
9 Oct 1919 The Cincinnati Reds win the World Series, but only because key Chicago White Sox ballplayers agreed to throw the series for $100,000 in bribes.
12 Nov 1934 Charles Manson born in Cincinnati.
1971 Newly elected Sheriff, Simon Leis begins a crusade against pornography, attacking adult bookstores, massage parlors, and x-rated theaters. Those not prosecuted were hounded out of town.
Nov 1976 Future talk show host Jerry Springer elected Mayor of Cincinnati.
1977 Larry Flynt and his brother Jimmy tried for obscenity by the City of Cincinnati. Larry was convicted and Jimmy found not guilty.
18 Sep 1978 Television show, WKRP in Cincinnati, runs until 1982.
3 Dec 1979 At Riverfront Coliseum in Cincinnati, eleven concertgoers variously aged 15 to 27 years are trampled and suffocated trying to get in to see The Who. Insufficient exits were available, and a request by police to open more was ignored.
1990 The Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center and curator Dennis Barrie charged with obscenity over a Robert Mapplethorpe exhibit of 175 photographs.
5 Oct 1990 After a ten-day trial, a jury acquits the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center of obscenity charges resulting from an exhibition of photographs by Robert Mapplethorpe. So, bullwhips up the ass are now officially A-OK.
2 Feb 1993 Marge Schott, owner of the Cincinnati Reds, suspended from Baseball for one year after making repeated racio-ethnic slurs.
1995 Barnes and Noble prosecuted for obscenity, after selling a copy of lesbian periodical Libido to an eleven-year-old girl. It is later determined that the girl's father asked her to purchase the periodical in order to bring about a prosecution. Charges are eventually dropped.
10 May 1999 Larry Flynt tried for obscenity by the City of Cincinnati over the matter of videotapes sold from the Hustler store.
27 May 2000 Film Dirty Pictures documents Cincinnati's war on the Mapplethorpe exhibit.
9 Apr 2001 Race riot in Cincinnati, Ohio.
30 Nov 2003 A 350 pound black man, Nathaniel Jones, dies after an aggressive police beating which is videotaped and widely aired.

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