tampon Tampons, sanitary napkins, douches, menstrual huts.


12 Sep 1933 Dr. Earle Haas patents the world's first tampon applicator. He later trademarks the name Tampax.
16 Oct 1933 Dr. Haas sells his patent and Tampax trademark to Denver entrepreneur Gertrude Tenderich for $32,000.
1971 Judy Chicago produces Red Flag, a close-up photograph of the artist removing her bloody tampon.
22 Sep 1980 In a stunning blow to America's feminine hygiene, consumer products manufacturer Procter & Gamble initiates the largest tampon recall in history, pulling Rely Tampons from store shelves. The action results from the ongoing Toxic Shock Syndrome controversy.
7 Jan 1996 President Bill Clinton offers to go down on Monica Lewinsky but she demurs, telling him that she's menstruating. Then she gives him a blowjob and a rimjob.

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