Sam "Momo" Giancana

"I want that dago Sam Giancana put away for good." --Bobby Kennedy

giancana Superpowerful crimeboss; worked with CIA on Fidel Castro assassination attempts. May have ordered hit on John F. Kennedy.

Made recordings of Jack's and Bobby's love trysts. Bedded Marilyn Monroe, claiming to be the last to sleep with her before her death. May have ordered her murder (maybe just so he could take credit for final boink).


24 May 1908 Gilorma Giancana born, Chicago IL.
1918 Expelled from Reese Elementary School due to rebellious behavior. Sent to St. Charles Reformatory. They had no luck with him either. 6 months later, he returns to Little Italy, but stays away from home and his father's leather strap.
c. 1921 Joins the 42 Gang
23 Sep 1933 Marries Angeline "Ange" De Tolve, a girl from the Patch. This does not stop Sam from continuing visits to whorehouses. Ange looks the other way.
19 Jul 1974 After being captured by Mexican police, Giancana is returned to the states. The US Senate Intelligence Committee had scheduled the aging goombah to testify about his alleged involvement in a CIA plot to assassinate Fidel Castro.
18 Jun 1975 While making himself a snack, Giancana is given one bullet in the back of the head and five in his mouth at his Oak Park, Illinois home.
19 Jun 1975 CIA Director William Colby, upon news of mobster Sam Giancana's killing: "We had nothing to do with it."
1996 Judith Campbell Exner, longtime mattress of John F. Kennedy, reveals in Vanity Fair magazine she was also a cumcatcher for Sam Giancana, serving as a go-between for the two of them regarding Castro assassination plans. This contradicts testimony she made to the 1975 Senate Intelligence Comittee (see above) that she knew of no such link.

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