John Travolta


18 Feb 1954 John Travolta born, Englewood NJ. He is the youngest of six children of Salvatore and Helen Travolta.
1970 Drops out of school.
1975 Joins the Church of Scientology. Stern
9 Sep 1975 Becomes Sweathog Vinnie Barbarino.
16 Dec 1977 Presided over the era of disco: Saturday Night Fever.
7 Jul 1978 Stars in Grease.
1981 Hasty Pudding Club names Travolta Man of the Year.
Apr 1990 The National Enquirer publishes an interview with gay pornstar Paul Barresi, who alleges he had a relationship with Travolta for several years in the 1980's. For this, he was paid $100K by the magazine, but he later retracted the claim.
6 May 1991 In a cover story "Scientology: A Thriving Cult of Greed and Power", Time magazine alleges private rumors of Travolta's promiscuous homosexuality.
5 Sep 1991 A Scientology minister marries Kelly Preston and John Travolta. This marriage is declared illegal.
12 Sep 1991 Marries actress Kelly Preston, for real this time, in Daytona Beach, Florida.
14 Oct 1994 Travolta stars in Pulp Fiction.
1996 Estimated income: $61M. Forbes.
1996 Accepting a Golden Globe for his role in Get Shorty, Travolta gives thanks to "a great man, L. Ron Hubbard."
Jan 1997 In an interview published in Good Housekeeping, John Travolta declares: "The only reason I didn't end up like Elvis or Marilyn is because of Scientology."
Mar 1998 "The next day, I met with Clinton. He told me: 'Your program sounds great. More than that, I'd really love to help you with your issue over in Germany with Scientology.' I was waiting for the seduction that I had heard so much about. I thought, 'Well, how could he ever seduce me? And after we talked, I thought, 'Bingo!' He did it. Scientology is the one issue that really matters to me." George magazine.
21 May 1998 Scientology and John Travolta sued by gay artist Michael Pattison, alleging racketeering, fraud, etc., and an inability to fix the artist's gayness.
20 Mar 1998 Plays Bill Clinton in Primary Colors.
17 Jun 1999 During his acceptance speech for Blockbuster's World Artist Award, John Travolta thanks "my good friend LRH, and mostly, most importantly I want to thank all of you."
12 May 2000 The Warner Bros. sci-fi spectacular Battlefield Earth is released in theaters. The $80 million adaptation of a phenomenally-crappy L. Ron Hubbard novel rakes in a grand total of $21,471,685.

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