Peter Lawford


  • Lawford is a Kennedy by marriage, via JFK's sister Patricia Kennedy (1954.)
  • 1952, MGM does not renew his contract.
  • Member of the Rat Pack. Ocean's Eleven, 1960.
  • Introduced Marilyn Monroe at Happy Birthday Mister Presi-dent.
  • Last person to speak to Marilyn Monroe alive. (That we know of)
  • Slept with Lana Turner, Ava Gardner, Rita Hayworth.
  • Frank Sinatra's valet George Jacobs (1953-1968) alleges cocaine parties at Frank's in Palm Springs, etc etc.: "Peter Lawford and the future president [Kennedy] did lines of cocaine together in Lawford's guest rooms"
  • Owned 625 Beach Rd on PCH Santa Monica, where Kennedy + Monroe slept together several times.
  • Sat on the NORML Advisory Board.
  • Died 1984 of cirrhosis and kidney failure due to years of alcohol abuse. Buried at Westwood Memorial Park, Los Angeles CA.

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