Steve McQueen



24 Mar 1930 Terence Steve McQueen born, Beech Grove IN.
Apr 1947 Enlists in the Marine Corps.
Apr 1950 Honorable discharge.
2 Nov 1956 Marries Neile Adams, San Clemente CA.
1963 The Great Escape.
6 Nov 1969 Manson Family member Susan Atkins tells her cellmate that Steve McQueen, Richard Burton, Tom Jones, and Frank Sinatra are on their "death list."
1972 Arrested for drunk driving, Anchorage AK.
26 Apr 1972 Divorces Neile Adams.
1973 Marries actress Ali McGraw.
31 Aug 1973 Rolling Stones song Starfucker contains the line "giving head to Steve McQueen." Song banned by BBC.
1978 Divorces Ali McGraw.
16 Jan 1980 Marries Barbara Minty.
7 Nov 1980 Dies from mesothelioma, a lung cancer related to asbestos exposure, after trying a quickie cure in Juarez Mexico.

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