George de Mohrenschildt

de-mohrenschildt It might seem strange that a socialite such as de Mohrenschildt would have contact with a nobody like Lee Harvey Oswald. But realize this contact was instigated at the suggestion of the Central Intelligence Agency, and not a "natural" friendship.

De Mohrenschildt's suicide interrupted a four-day interview of him by author Edward Jay Epstein, who also wrote the best book available on Armand Hammer.

  • Russian oil man and Dallas socialite.
  • Family name Mohrenskuld (Swedish)
  • One of Lee Harvey Oswald's two closest associates.
  • Personal friend of George HW Bush.
  • Knew Jacqueline Kennedy and her mother.
  • Committed Suicide in March 1977.


29 Mar 1900 Brother, Dimitri von Mohrenschildt born. (Sometimes given as 1902.)
17 Apr 1911 George de Mohrenschildt born, Mozyr, czarist Russia (perhaps now in Poland.)
1921 Moves to Wilno, Poland, after his father is sent to Siberia. Mother dies of typhoid fever almost immediately after moving.
May 1938 Emigrates to the United States, to New York City.
1938 Meets Mrs. Bouvier, and her daughter Jacqueline Bouvier (who later married John F. Kennedy.)
1939 Applies for and receives a job at Humble Oil Co., founded by three men including Prescott Bush. Works there for four months, leaving after an injury and bad case of amoebic dysentery.
1941 Tries to join OSS but rejected, because of "associations" with German intelligence.
1942 Expelled from Mexico, after Mexican Army General Maxino Comacho decided to appropriate his girlfriend, Lilia Pardo Larin. Mohrenschildt considered Larin the "love of his life."
1944 Moves to Texas.
11 Jul 1948 Marries Phyllis Washington, stepdaughter of a State Department careerist and distant relative of George Washington.
Jun 1959 Marries fourth wife Jeanne, a ballet dancer.
Late 1961 Over dinner, J. Walter Moore (an agent of the CIA with whom Mohrenschildt has had prior contact) expresses an interest to de Mohrenschildt in the Minsk activities of Lee Harvey Oswald. During the same meeting, de Mohrenschildt expresses an interest in the American embassy in Haiti assisting with his attempting an oil exploration deal with Papa Doc Duvalier. De Mohrenschildt subsequently befriends Oswald, encouraging him to document his activities as a memoir.
Mar 1963 Exploratory oil deal with Haiti finalized.
5 Apr 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald presents de Mohrenschildt with the rifle and newspaper portrait, inscribed by Marina on the back in Russian, "Hunter of Fascists, Ha. Ha."
10 Apr 1963 A sniper fires at General Edwin A. Walker (resigned), a sniper later identified as Oswald. According to Marina Oswald, de Mohrenschildt journeys to Oswald's apartment, where upon meeting he exclaims to Oswald, "Lee, how did you miss General Walker?" When questioned about this later, de Mohrenschildt calls it an unfortunate joke. He claims this is the last time he sees Oswald.
22 Nov 1963 John F. Kennedy assassinated in Dealey Plaza, Dallas TX.
1976 Alleges that Lee Harvey Oswald did not kill John F. Kennedy.
29 Mar 1977 Dead from a self-inflicted shotgun wound to the mouth, at 3:45 pm. Audio of the shooting was caught on tape recorder.
1977 The House Select Committee on Assassinations obtains from de Mohrenschildt's effects, a signed photograph of Lee Harvey Oswald inscribed "To my friend George from Lee Oswald 5/IV/63" and "Copyright G de M". It is a copy of the famous photograph of Oswald with the rifle and newspapers, which we now know was taken by de Mohrenschildt.

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