Hugh Hefner

  • Founder of Playboy magazine.
  • Will be buried next to Marilyn Monroe (he owns the adjoining crypt.)
  • Hefner sat on the NORML Advisory Board.


9 Apr 1926 Hugh Marston Hefner born to Grace and Glenn Hefner, Chicago IL.
Jan 1944 Graduates Steinmetz High, Chicago IL. Joins U.S. Army.
1946 Honorable discharge from U.S. Army.
1949 Marries Millie Williams.
1951 Hired as copywriter, Esquire magazine.
8 Nov 1952 Daughter, Christie, born.
Dec 1953 First issue of Playboy, featuring Marilyn Monroe. 51,100 copies sold.
1957 Separates from wife Millie.
1959 Divorces from wife Millie.
1959 Purchases the Playboy Mansion, Chicago's Gold Coast.
Jun 1963 Arrested in Chicago for obscenity, over The Nudest Jayne Mansfield. Hung jury voted 7-5 to acquit.
1963 Feminist Gloria Steinem becomes a Playboy Bunny, writes exposé documenting degradation.
1965 Establishes the Playboy Foundation.
1971 Purchases Playboy Mansion West, Holmby Hills CA.
1972 Playboy circulation: 7 million.
15 Oct 1977 Hosts Saturday Night Live.
1984 Sylvilagus palustris hefneri (a variety of cottontail rabbit) discovered in the Lower Florida Keys, and named after Hefner. Coincidentally, Hefner financed this research.
1985 Suffers a stroke, resulting in temporary paralysis and inability to read.
1988 Marries Playmate Kimberly Conrad.
1988 Daughter Christie in charge of Playboy operations.
1 Aug 1988 The only remaining Playboy Club, Lansing Michigan, closes.
1 Jul 1989 Marries Playmate Kimberly Conrad.
21 Jun 1990 Sylvilagus palustris hefneri added to the roster of endangered species.
1989 Wife Kimberly is Playmate of the Year.
Jan 1998 Trial separation from wife Kimberly.
1998 Divorces Kimberly Conrad.
Jul 2003 Announces Hef's Superbunnies, animated television series to "introduce Playboy to younger generations." Stan Lee will develop the series, featuring Playmates fighting the "enemies of democracy."

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