Pornography is not an easy business. It requires a constant supply of fresh new talent, an eye for new trends in fetishes and desires, a willingness to stand up against the hypocritical anger of your customer base, and a familiarity with organized crime. Between being made an easy target for politicians looking for cheap votes, and having to negotiate what part of your income must be used to pay off those who need paying off, you stand to make a huge fortune indeed... if you live to spend it.

As a result of this, the professional pornographer (those who make a living at it and don't dabble on the edges) tend to be strong, maniacal personalities who can bluster and demand with the rest of them. They're outspoken, brash, and as distrustful of the media as only one who is part of the media can be. They might carry a gun, not to use it, but because that's what has to be done.

They are demonized, they are hated, they are sometimes violently attacked.

They are freedom.

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