Permanent Industrial Exhibition

On the initial board in 1958, according to EIR's examination of the incorporation papers in Switzerland:
  • Louis Mortimer Bloomfield
  • Ferenc Nagy, former Prime Minister of Hungary
  • Georgio Mantello
  • Roy Cohn (right hand man of Joseph McCarthy)
  • Joseph Bonanno, Mafia figure
  • Jean de Menil, of Schlumberger
  • Paul Raigorodsky
  • Count Guitierez di Spadafora, from the Mussolini bureacracy
  • Hans Seligman, banker, Basel
  • Carlo d'Amelio, attorney in Rome (House of Savoy, etc)
  • Max Hageman, National Zeitung
  • Munir Chourbagi, Egypt, Farouk's uncle
  • Giuseppe Zigiotti, Italian fascist
  • Ferenc H. Simonfay, Hungary
  • Clay Shaw
Some have alleged Halliburton has provided financing to Permindex. We have only located loose connections, however.


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