• Robbin Crosby, RATT guitarist.
  • Keith Haring, artist.
  • John Holmes, pornstar.
  • Robert Mapplethorpe, photographer.
  • Anthony Perkins, actor, Psycho.
  • Ray Sharkey, actor and intravenous drug user.
  • Eazy-E, rapper, member of NWA.
  • Robert Reed, played dad on the Brady Bunch.
  • Isaac Asimov, Science Fiction author, acquired virus during blood transfusion.


2 Oct 1985 Actor Rock Hudson dies of AIDS.
2 Aug 1986 Roy Cohn, the right hand man of Joseph McCarthy, dies of AIDS.
4 Feb 1987 Pianist Liberace dies of AIDS.
13 Mar 1988 Pornstar John Holmes dead from AIDS.
24 Nov 1991 Freddy Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, dies of AIDS in London.
6 Jan 1993 Ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev dies of AIDS, Paris.
6 Feb 1993 Tennis player Arthur Ashe dies of AIDS, New York City.

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