mossad_logo The Israeli spy organization, perhaps the best in the world. Among their successes was the illegal kidnapping of Adolf Eichmann from Argentina in 1960.

Profited from the world's most heinous software piracy incident when they received the PROMIS database software from the U.S. Justice Department (the INSLAW case.)

May have tried to recruit Henri Paul, Lady Diana's driver during her fatal automobile accident.


1 Apr 1951 Mossad formed by Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion.
11 May 1960 Four Mossad agents abduct fugitive Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann from a bus stop in Buenos Aires.
5 Nov 1991 Alleged in book Gideon's Spies to have killed media mogul Robert Maxwell. What is known is that Maxwell died in highly unusual circumstances in his yacht in the Canary Islands.
25 Sep 1997 Hamas official Khaled Mashaal survives an assassination attempt in Amman, Jordan, after agents of the Israeli Mossad injected him with an unidentified chemical. Jordanian King Hussein intervened on his behalf, citing a 1994 peace treaty, and Israel was forced to supply the antidote for Mashall and release Sheikh Ahmed Yassin from prison in exchange for the liberation of the two Israeli assassins.

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