Linda Lovelace

lovelace_flag_shrunk The adult film industry considered her a traitor. Anti-porn crusaders used her as their poster child. Over the years, millions of guys have jerked off to her likeness.

Linda Lovelace was born Linda Susan Boreman. She grew up in Yonkers, NY. She went to Catholic school. Her dad was an NYPD cop. Then one day, 21-year-old Linda is subathing by a Ft. Lauderdale swimming pool when she's approached by some guy. Long story short, the guy becomes her husband, gets her hooked on drugs, and pimps her out to do a bunch of stag films. Eventually Linda winds up in the most famous porno of all time.

The story of Linda Lovelace revolves around 62 minutes of film called Deep Throat. The producers shelled out $22,500, all of it Mob money. They shot a few days in New York, and another six days in Miami. The film had been conceived and written for Linda. The director had been impressed by her ability to swallow a cock so deep that she only stopped when she bumped into the balls. Its working title was "The Doctor Makes a Housecall."

deep_throat_poster The film quickly became a phenomenon. It was unprecedented. The FBI later estimated that Deep Throat had probably grossed at least $600 million. It was distributed by the Mob. They leaned on the theater owners, burning down a few cinemas here and there whenever somebody refused to give them their cut (50%). Not surprisingly, the gangsters kept a tight rein on the prints.

Then Frank Sinatra got ahold of a print somehow (cough, cough) and screened it in his home for party guests. Vice President Spiro T. Agnew saw it at one of Frank's parties. Sammy Davis, Jr. too. In fact, Sammy got so turned on that later he and his wife got together for a four-way with Linda and her husband.

Other celebrities were also taking in the film, including Warren Beatty, Truman Capote, and Jack Nicholson. Jack wasn't enthralled by the film, however, as evidenced in this interview excerpt from Screw magazine:

SCREW: What was your reaction to Deep Throat?
NICHOLSON: If you're having a male sexual experience, after you have your orgasm your next impulse is not to bend down and look over and watch someone's scrotum pounding against someone's shaved beaver or whatever.

(Speak for yourself, sir.) According to the manager of the New Mature World Theater, Tonight Show sidekick Ed McMahon was particularly enthusiastic. "He came with six guys and a case of Budweiser and stood out front afterward, chatting about the movie to passersby for half an hour."

Deep Throat had legitimized pornography overnight. Despite a $3 million injunction from a New York judge (which was overturned on appeal), the film kept taking in business. In all, more than ten million Americans viewed the film. And then, after all that, Linda Lovelace turned around and declared that she had been forced into doing the film.


When you see the movie Deep Throat, you are watching me being raped. It is a crime that movie is still showing; there was a gun to my head the entire time.

In 1980 Linda released an autobiography recounting her victimization. Her husband had forced her to perform sex on strangers. In front of a camera. With a dog. And then Deep Throat happened. It was only after she found the courage to leave her husband that she could come clean. Linda even recounted her horror story for the Meese Commission on Pornography.

Nobody in the adult film business bought her act. They were appalled. She had, in their minds, repudiated her past only as a ploy to gain the acceptance of the millions of Americans who hadn't seen her movies. In fact, the porn industry uses the term "Linda Syndrome" to refer to former porn stars who disavow their careers, like Traci Lords.

In 2002 Linda died in a Denver hospital after crashing her car into a concrete post. One of her former acquaintances in the porn industry, Al Goldstein, had this to say about her:

Good riddance to trash. She was a good cocksucker. She was a piece of shit. Her book Ordeal was a lying piece of shit. She was a hooker, a scumbag, a lying trollop. I'm glad Traynor taught her to suck cock. I dropped several ejaculations down her throat. I want to do a final load, so when she goes to hell my sperm will go with her.

Fucked John Holmes in Exotic French Fantasies.


10 Jan 1949 Linda Boreman (aka Linda Lovelace) born in the Bronx, New York.
1969 Linda Lovelace appears in the film Dogarama (also billed as Dog Fucker).
Jan 1972 Linda Lovelace and costars spend six days filming Deep Throat at the Voyager Inn on Biscayne Boulevard in Miami.
11 Jun 1972 The film Deep Throat, starring Linda Lovelace, debuts at the New Mature World Theater on 49th Street in New York.
9 Oct 1972 During an interview with Al Goldstein for Screw magazine, Linda Lovelace demonstrates her fellatio technique on him.
1 Mar 1973 New York criminal-court judge Joel Tyler declares the film Deep Throat to be obscene, and fines the New Mature World Theater $3 million. Tyler describes the film as "one throat that deserves to be cut."
1973 Linda Lovelace appears in the R-rated film Deep Throat Part II.
Jan 1974 Linda Lovelace arrested for possession of cocaine and amphetamines at the Dunes Hotel in Las Vegas.
Feb 1975 Linda Lovelace appears in a Playboy magazine pictorial.
1976 Linda Lovelace appears in the film Linda Lovelace for President.
Jan 1986 Linda Marchiano (aka Linda Lovelace) testifies before the Meese Commission on Pornography.
Jan 2001 52-year-old Linda Lovelace appears in lingerie in a Leg Show magazine pictorial.
Mar 2001 Linda Lovelace named Hustler magazine's "Asshole of the Month."
3 Apr 2002 Linda Boreman (aka Linda Lovelace) transported to Denver Health Medical Center after losing control of her car and striking a concrete post in Denver, CO. 777 Bannock Street Denver, CO 80204
22 Apr 2002 Linda Boreman (aka Linda Lovelace) dies at Denver Health Medical Center after more than two weeks on life support. 777 Bannock Street Denver, CO 80204

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