Sammy Davis, Jr.

  • Converted to Judaism.
  • ...but also a member of the Church of Satan.
  • Lost an eye in a car accident.
  • See also Linda Lovelace and Marilyn Monroe.
  • Sammy is what we call one cool cat.
  • "Being a star has made it possible for me to get insulted in places where the average Negro could never hope to get insulted."


8 Dec 1925 Sammy Davis, Jr. born to Sam Davis (dancer) and Elvera Sanchez (Puerto Rican chorus girl), Harlem NY.
9 Sep 1933 Stars in Rufus Jones for President. Yes, it's as racist as it sounds.
1941 Meets Frank Sinatra while in Detroit.
1943 Drafted into the U.S. Army.
19 Nov 1954 Sammy Davis, Jr. loses his eye in an automobile accident.
12 Jan 1955 Telegram from Marlon Brando: "'Never dug you before. Dug you last night. You the man. Marlon."
1956 Converts to Judaism.
1957 Dates actress Kim Novak.
1 Jan 1958 Because of the shitstorm caused by black Sammy dating white Kim Novak, a mixture of Mafia pressure and that of Harry Cohn (in charge of Novak's studio, Columbia) forces Sammy to break up the romance. He quickly marries black chorus girl Loray White, for which she was paid $25,000. Harry Belafonte was best man. Sammy attempts suicide on his marriage night, according to former personal assistant Arthur Silber, Jr.: "Sammy was putting a gun to his head. I jumped on top of him and pinned his arms as I wrestled the gun out of his hand. It was loaded. I twisted his arm and the gun fell to the floor."
13 Nov 1960 Marries Swedish actress May Britt (born Maybritt Wilkens). Lasts until 1968.
1962 What Kind of Fool Am I sells one million records.
1965 Autobiography Yes I Can published.
7 Jan 1966 Sammy Davis, Jr. Show.
12 Oct 1966 Sammy Davis, Jr. makes a cameo appearance on the ABC television series Batman, during one of their legendary Batclimbs.
28 May 1971 Files of Richard M. Nixon, in meeting notes by Egil Krogh: "It is suggested that the President consent to an interview with Sammy Davis, Jr. on the subject of drug abuse as an introduction to a ninety minute drug abuse television special M.C.'d by Sammy Davis, Jr. and participated in by well known musicians and actors."
1 Jul 1971 Sammy Davis, Jr. meets personally with Richard M. Nixon. Sammy was a Tricky Dick supporter.
1972 The Candy Man hits #1 (from the Willie Wonka soundtrack.)
13 Apr 1973 Sammy Davis, Jr. inducted into the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey's wife Karla, and Michael Aquino.
1978 Does a television commercial for Alka Seltzer.
19 Jun 1981 Cannonball Run, as Morris Fenderbaum.
1989 Autobiography Why Me?: The Sammy Davis Jr. Story published.
16 May 1990 Sammy Davis, Jr. dies from throat cancer, Beverly Hills CA.

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